Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to tell if you have belly fat or loose skin after having a baby?

My friend had her baby a week after I had my son, however her stomach sort of hangs she is 5'2 and weighed 140lbs before becoming pregnant, and now weighs 180lbs she developed toximia during her pregnancy. However, her stomach sort of hangs slightly in the front, but it is a little pudgy as well. I always thought loose sking was flat and very loose feeling, hers (not that i felt it, but from what she has told me) is more of a gooshy fat feeling, but it still has a slight hanging appearance. Anyhow what we wanted to know, will this problem go away if she is able to lose weight and get back to her pre-baby weight? Or is it loose skin? thank you all for your feedback!

How to tell if you have belly fat or loose skin after having a baby?
i think after having a baby you will always have that bit of jiggle on your belly, i have had four kids i was 135 before my first and after i had him i got pregnant when he was 10 months i was two months pregnant and 112lbs, when i got pregnant for my third i was 95 and now my fourth is 16 months and i am only 120lbs and im 5 7, i still have that bit of jiggle on my belly i dont think its going anywhere maybe if you really work out i guess but i dont work out at all im just on my feet all day taking care of kids, house husband
Reply:I'm not really sure how you can tell, but if she looses weight and it's still there, I guess it's loose skin. I have a pudge, that I didn't have before my last pregnancy, but I had a C section and it'll never go away. I just gave up on loosing it, plus I'm pregnant again.

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  1. Babys do a number on the tummy for sure i guess as moms we should all just be proud of our bodys and if anyone ever ask's why are tummys are stretched out and flabby just tell them you try having a human being living inside you for almost a year and see how good you look : )